Config Backup for F5

About This Project

This project is a Python program with a PHP web UI to manage daily backups and track certificate expiration on F5 BigIP devices. I started this project while working as an F5 administrator before becoming an F5 employee.


This project is an independent work under the GPL v2 license and is NOT provided by or supported by F5 Networks. It is provided as is with no warranty. More info about the GPL license can be found here.


The need to get full UCS archives for the F5 prompted me to write a shell script back in 2011. It evolved into a perl script and a PHP web UI was added. At version 3 the project was ported to Python.

Screen Shots

Where to get

The OVA images and install packages are available on the projects Sourceforge files page.


Documentation for the program can be found here.

Where to get help

Please post all support inquires to the Sourceforge discussion page.


  • Available as a turnkey CentOS 6.4 based VMware appliance requiring no Linux skills.
  • Uses the F5 iControl API to gather device information and download files.
  • Web UI that displays device information, backup jobs, certificates and UCS files for download.
  • Downloads UCS archive files when only configs have changed.
  • Gathers data about all certificates loaded on the device sends email reports about upcoming certificate expiration.
  • Active Directory authentication
  • Certificate Expiration Reports via Email

Current Version

The current stable version of this program is 3.1.

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