Sneak Peek – Config Backup for F5 3.1

Since the release of Config Backup for F5 3.0 back in June, I have been working on the latest version, 3.1. The new version will deliver some great new features.

Active Directory Authentication

No longer will a user of the Config Backup program need to maintain separate credentials. AD auth has been added into the web UI.

Here is the configuration page for AD auth settings –

Access can be granted via AD group membership –

Role Based Access Control

Want someone outside your group to have read only access to view certificate expiration? Want to give someone access to manage devices in the backup system without giving them access to system settings? This is some of what RBAC offers.

RBAC roles can be given to local users or different AD groups –


Certificate Expiration Reports via Email

One of the primary motivations for me to start the Config Backup program was to have a single source for reporting certificate expiration. The previous version brought a list of certs by expiration date to the web UI. In this version certificate reports via email have been added.

A certificate email report will look something like this –


Here are the settings for cert reports –



With the development for this version wrapped up, the build, testing and documentation is in progress. A beta centos install package is available on the files section of the Sourceforge page. The new install packages and appliance will be available in 1-2 weeks with upgrade packages by month end.

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  • anuj

    Hi Eric,

    I just installed this product in our environment with more than 15 Lb’s in place and it works like charm. Will you be maintaining this post v11.4?


    • Eric Flores

      That’s great to hear more success stories.

      I dont think I will be maintaining it anymore. When I started working for F5, I lost my development environment and per F5 company policy (which I totally understand) I can not use company assets for personal projects. That means I would need to purchase my own LAB VEs and build a dev environment in my house. That would be at least a $500-600 investment for something that I am not making money on.

      • anuj

        Thanks for replying Eric. I am sure you will find people to help you with that nominal amount of money. Can you send me a private message. I will hate for a project like this to get lost :(.

        • Eric Flores

          I am not seeing a PM feature in disqus. PM me over twitter and we can chat.